Cannot saved PDF. "Is Zotero Running?" Yes it is

I cannot save [this pdf](

I use Firefox 91.0.2 and Zotero

When I click on the Zotero connection, after a while of spinning circle, it shows a red cross and the pop over: "Saving failed. Is Zotero running?"

Yes it is running.
  • Despite the rror message, the PDF shows up in Zotero
  • Can you provide Debug IDs from both Zotero and the Zotero Connector for a save attempt where this happens?
  • Zotero Connector: D1531208835
    Zotero: D243217868
  • It looks like it's just a really slow download for you — you submitted that before Zotero even finished downloading the file or creating the attachment item, and the Connector times out after 15 seconds.

  • I don't understand.

    I have to wait more before collecting the Debug IDs?
  • It doesn't really matter — I'm just saying the actual save hadn't even happened yet. It was still downloading the file. And any direct PDF download (as opposed to a translator-based save) that takes more than 15 seconds will cause the Connector to show an error.
  • Yea if I wait really long the PDF will eventually pop up in Zotero, although the Connector showed an error.

    I think the Connector and Zotero should talk to each other to figure out whether the download is still happening so that the connector will continue to show the spinning circle, at least

  • But Thanks for explaining how it works in case of a direct PDF download :)
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