Please add DOI field to Presentation, or add a Poster type

Please consider adding a DOI field to the Presentation type, or creating a new Poster type with a DOI field to allow users to document citeable conference visuals.

It is increasingly common for researchers to assign DOIs to presentation materials and visualizations, including posters and slide decks used at academic conferences. Services like figshare make it easy to do so, and the practice is especially useful for works presented at conferences that do not publish full proceedings digitally.

For example:

I personally think there's value in making Posters first-class citizens of the Zotero type system, but the need could also be met by adding a DOI field to the Presentation type.
  • All item types are gaining a DOI field soon. (Item fields haven't been updated for many years for technical reasons.)
  • edited August 25, 2021
    @ChrisKeefe: Note that in the meantime you can add DOI: 10.1234/abcd… to the Extra field and the DOI will be used in citations, as well as migrated to the real field once it exists.
  • Fantastic. Thanks for the tip!
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