unable to sign up to be a beta tester for iOS app

Hi, I have tried to sign up for beta testing the iOS app several times but I never receive a followup email to initiate the process. I have checked my junk mail to make sure I didn't miss it. How does one actually become a beta tester for the iOS app?

  • You were invited on April 13 and have had an active invitation since then. I've just sent another.
  • That is very odd. I not seeing the invite anywhere in my email inbox or junk mail. Are you sending it to the stonybrook.edu email address associated with my account?
  • Yes, but we're not sending it — it comes directly from Apple.
  • Still haven't received the invite. I created a new zotero user account using an email that is linked to the appleID I currently use and again signed up for beta ios testing but that didn't work either.
  • Hi I have the same problem, tried it twice with the same email address.
  • It's nice to know it is not just me.
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