Suggestion 01: Entries of "book sections" under the book entry

edited 14 days ago
Greetings to Zotero community,

Before my suggestion, as a new Zotero user (both in forum and the software and which I regret greatly being so late), I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and congratulations for supporting the academy with such an useful, free, open source software. For sure Zotero is not only for academic users, everyone can use for their home libraries, etc.

I've searched the forum a bit but would like to make some suggestions that I haven't seen.

I think that it would be easier and more convenient to find and use if the editorial/compilation books we entered had sub-categories and if we could collect the book chapters in those books as sub-categories of the book.

For example, we made a book entry.

Entry: Editorial Book Name
Sub-entry 01: Editorial Book's, First Book Chapter...
Sub-entry 02: Editorial Book's, Second Book Chapter...

Of course we can create entries of book chapters without any issue but they are randomly sorted (author, title, etc.) in the whole library, but if that's the case, it might be possible to collect them under the book.

Note: Maybe creating "New collection" and "sub-collection" is another way but crowded, long and complex way for left column design.

Note 2: For the moment, I'm linking (related) the book chapter entries to the book entry to gain some speed.

Best regards,
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