some of the pdfs not synced from zotero to papership on my iPad

I'm using zotero on my desktop and papership for zotero on my iPad.

Zotero -> Edit -> Sync -> Settings -> File Syncing
Verify server successful. (I'm using

Papership -> Settings ->zotero file Hosting ->
Cannot verify server. please check your server credentials. (expected status code in (200-299), got 404)

I triple checked the URL, username and password, but I keep failing to have it verify in papership. It was no problem before and I have no idea why it's not working now.

Can anyone please help me?
  • We can't help with PaperShip, sorry.

    We support the official Zotero iOS app, currently in beta. (It doesn't currently support WebDAV, though.)
  • Okay, thank you. I didn't know that there is Zotero iOS app. I hope it would support WebDAV soon. Thanks!
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