Color/size/order tags based on frequency within current collection?

Hello, I have been struggling with tags colors for a while before I figured that's what I actually wanted to do with them. When I click on a particular collection, is there a way I can easily visualize which tags are the most used within it? Like:

- making more frequent tags appear with warmer colors ?

- making more frequent tags appear with bigger font ?

- sort tags by frequency instead of alphabetically ?
  • Nothing like that currently exists, sorry.
  • Okay, no worries.. :)
  • You can export all of the items in a collection to CSV format, which will include item tags as a column. You can then import these data into your word cloud generator of choice to visualize the tags
  • Sure, but that's a little besides my purpose. I expected this to help me have a quick overview when I navigate my collections, and the procedure you describe is a little more engaged :P
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