Zotero OpenOffice extension v3.0a1.r5225

After installing the OpenOffice extension v3.0a1.r5225, every time Firefox is started a progress window opens stating that the old OpenOffice extension is being removed and the new one is being installed. The progress window then closes.

When inserting citations in an OpenOffice document, a progress window opens stating that the extension is being installed. A new progress window opens for each citation inserted.

Looking at the Firefox profile prefs.js file, it was noted that the version number for the OpenOffice extension is:
user_pref("extensions.zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration.version", "3.0a1.r5215");
when this was changed to read:
user_pref("extensions.zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration.version", "3.0a1.r5225");
the behaviour ceased.

It seem that the conflict in version numbers is causing the behaviour.
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