My library is suddenly empty! Help please!

Report ID: 1920213100
When I opened Zotero I found my library empty for no apparent reason. Zotero says there are no updates available. I didn't update my computer since the last time I had been able to open my library. I still have all the folders with the names given by Zotero (ex. "2A22I8B2", "2B2AKTMF", "2CI28PUX" and so on). My guess is that I've accidentally moved the Zotero storage folder somewhere I shouldn't, even if I can't tell this is what happened for sure. I paste the path of my storage: C:\Users\giada\Videos\Zotero\storage and the path where Zotero has been installed: C:\Users\giada\Zotero. At the latter path I can also find other folders such as "locate", "styles", "translators" (ex. "C:\Users\giada\Zotero\locate"). Does anyone know which is the right collocation for the storage so that Zotero can open the folder?
  • C:\Users\giada\Zotero is the default directory, and where all your data should be. I'm not sure why you moved it into Videos, but presumably that's not what you want to do.

    Beyond that, see Locating Missing Zotero Data, and that Zotero data page generally. The most important thing is the zotero.sqlite file, which contains your data.
  • Thank you dstillman, problem solved!
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