Keeping a BibTex file per collection in sync with Zotero

In Mendeley I have the option to keep a .bib file per collection always in sync with the library. Is this an option with Zotero? My workflow is based on using bibtex files, rather than plugins because I don't use Microsoft Word. Thanks!
  • edited May 15, 2021 and optionally checking "all child collections" in the auto-export. I think you'll find a much improved bib(la)tex experience with Zotero, compared to Mendeley.
  • Thanks, I am on Zotero 5.0.97-beta.25, and I don't see the "all child collections", but I can export specific collections in separate .bib files or the entire Library in one .bib file. Seems to be working fine. One question though: the checkbox "include Files" when exporting the bibtex file, what does it do?
  • You need to have the BBT plugin installed, create an auto-export, then go into the preferences => BBT => Automatic export and then check the checkbox for "Export all child collections". But you can also set up as many separate auto-exports as you need to separate folders instead of exporting everything to a single folder.
  • The "Export Files" options means the attachments get exported along with the bib files. For writing articles you generally don't want that.
  • All perfectly clear! Thanks for the explanations. Now I found the "Export all child collections", very handy since I want each and every of them exported and synced.
  • Note that it currently does not remove bib files when the corresponding collection is removed in Zotero.
  • Noted, thanks!
  • "Export Files" also makes BBT exports substantially slower; on the one hand, there's just the copying of files that takes time, but also that exporting files disables the BBT cache for that export, and cached exports are noticeably faster.
  • That makes sense. Probably a feature I won't be needing. Thanks again. Looking forward to having my Zotero working and giving my farewell to Mendeley :)
  • From my pov mendeley needs a kick in the nether regions sooner than a farewell, but welcome to Zotero.
  • That's good too :D
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