iOS: "Sync failed"


I am getting a "Sync failed (Failed API response: No response)" message. As far as I know I am out of file storage on the cloud, but otherwise syncing form the PC completes successfully.

  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a manual sync (pulling down on the items list) that produces this?
  • Here it is: D1192185059
  • OK, thanks. This is indeed caused by a quota error, which isn't showing a proper message for some reason. We'll fix.
  • But the item data should sync, right? It doesn't.
  • The quota error is being incorrectly treated as a generic sync error, which stops the sync.
  • Got it. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    As far as I can tell the new beta (120) didn't solve this the way I thought it was going to. The error message I get now is "Sync failed (Unable to upload attachment...." However, the item data still doesn't not sync (this goes beyond the item for which the the upload failed, of course - the items on the two machines are completely out of sync). My understanding was that the item metadata should sync, regardless of attachment storage.

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    Can you provide another Debug ID for a sync from the new beta?
  • Here you go: D2097835619
  • UploadAttachmentSyncAction: missing attachment
    That seems like a different (or new) problem. @michalrentka will need to take a look.
  • You squash one, another pops up... Thanks for the quick response!
  • Thanks for reporting @ehud and sorry for not fixing it (or rather creating a new bug). I've got an idea what happened and I was able to reproduce and fix it. So hopefully next build will do it for you.
  • Hi. While the error message is now nicer ("Finished sync (1 issue)") the syncing seems to be going only one way: the new items from the iPhone arrived at the PC, but new items on the PC were not synced to the iPhone app.
  • @ehud can you tap on it and send me the error message it says? Is it still "missing attachment"?
  • No. It says "You have reached your Zotero File Storage quota". This was the original issue we identified, actually. But as the message says "Other Zotero data will continue to sync to server".
  • @ehud understood. I'll test it on my end and update you when I've got anything new.
  • Hi, I am having problems with that too. Sync is failing, message reads:

    >Sync failed (Failed API response: No response)

    Does anybody has an idea if the problem is on my end or is it a bug?


  • Hi @LorettaDI, can you please start logging, perform a sync and send me the debug log id here? Thanks!
  • Thanks, as so often, problem disappeared when I started logging, but now I know what to do if it reappears! THANK YOU!
  • @michalrentka hi again, syncing as far as I care works (I have access to all files needed and everything looks fine to me), but the ‘sync failed’ message keeps popping up every now and then. Here’s the debug log:

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