How can I create a seperate bibliography for each Subcollection?

I have a question regarding bibliographies for each subcollection. I am working on a longer document which is separated over several MS Word 2010-Documents. Each Word-document represents one chapter, in the Zotero software I divided my sources in Subcollections - one subcollection for each Word-Document.
Now I only manage to create a Bibliography in one Word-Document. In a second Word-Document I can add citations and Zotero adds numbers, but doesn't show the bibliography...
Later I will have roughly 5 chapters, means 5 Word-Documents, which should have their own bibliography based on the Zotero Subcollections.

So I need some advice here :-)
  • Did you insert the bibliography in those other Word documents?
    If the citations were inserted correctly the bibliography should show up.
    If it doesn't for some reason, please clarify in more detail what the error is.
  • Also, which citation style are you using?
  • Hi!
    To the questions:
    @damnation yes, I inserted bibliographies in (so far) two documents. In one it works perfectly, in the second it seems to work because the citations are saved at the right positions, but only the list of citations is missing.
    @adamsmith my citation style is Nature. I store citations as "fields".

    Which additional information do you need?
  • What happens when you click "Add/edit Bibliography" in the second document? It sounds like you may have just not done that?
  • Oh sh** :-D @adamsmith I just observed that indeed it worked all the time... it was my fault. The bibliography was just somewhere hidden in the middle of the document...

    all right, thank you both! @adamsmith and @damnation :-)
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