[Solved, wrong take] How to change the Data Directory Location the right way?

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Dear fellow users of Zotero,

Because I am planning to have all my multi media files on my desktop/server as well, to store them properly with Zotero and use them with Kodi, I would like to move the Data Directory Location to its own disk. But I fail to set up Zotero successfully. I have tried it on a fresh install of Mint 20.1 with the newest tarball from Zotero.org and installed it according to your guidelines. Thus I fail to set up Zotero 5.0.96 on a fresh machine accordingly.

When everything is set as default, including all the attachments in ~/Zotero/files, Zotero can find the attachments. But when I set the Data Directory Location manually to /media/profile/Zotero, and move all the attachments to /media/profile/Zotero/files, Zotero can no longer find the attachments.

And when I set everything back to default, including re-moving/re-locating or just copy some attachments to ~/Zotero/files, Zotero can find these the attachments alone in ~/Zotero/files.

Therefore I think that the option of a customized Data Directory Location does not work properly in Zotero 5.0.96. Or am I mistaken and did I something wrong? Like did not research this forum to a solution...
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    I think that the option of a customized Data Directory Location does not work properly in Zotero 5.0.96
    It absolutely works properly.
    This isn't a directory that exists.

    If you move the data directory in its entirety and point Zotero to the new location, everything will just work. If you're doing things manually within that folder, you're likely doing something wrong, and we're not going to help with that.
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    My bad, I thought I have the files/attachments stored with Zotero, but it was with Zotfile. Re-moved everything to the new disk and voila... I was indeed looking in the wrong place...

    And ~/Zotero/files was indeed a directory that exists on my disk, because -after mkdir ~/Zotero/files-, I had these files/attachments stored there.
  • If ~/Zotero is your data directory, you absolutely shouldn't be storing any other files in there, and you should move them elsewhere.
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