Trouble with exporting Sage Book Chapters, Report ID: 608984440

Trying to export citation from book chapter in

In right pane Zotero puts page numbers into the place of Book Author.

Moreover, Zotero fails to discriminate book editors and section authors. Instead, it puts both editors and authors into the place of Editors.

Further, Zoter does not export Book Title or Doi although both of them exist in the Sage page.
  • When you hover over the Save to Zotero icon, what does it say?
    It should default to saving by DOI, which includes DOI and book title as well as page numbers. The authors, unfortunately, are a mess in Sage's metadata, not much we can do.

    I'm guessing you're using Sage's Cite --> Zotero function. There's not much we can do with or about that; it has very limited data and we can't customize Zotero's behavior for those imports. You should always use Zotero's own button when it is available.
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