Zotero Beta with enabled pdf reader not fully themed on linux

edited March 4, 2021
Zotero could not be themed by itself, but GTK3 system themes apply cleanly to Zotero 5 on Linux.

1. Choose any dark GTK theme (It could be a dark theme shipped with OS, but also any other Application theme set up with Gnome Tweaks app.

The Ribbon with tools is not themed (white), the tab with pdf is black(themed) with black letters(not themed)

In the reader view, the tab "Blog" Is dark (themed) with a dark font (not themed), this is hard to read

The same elements are fully themed when the pdf reader is disabled.
The reader itself is not themed but it will probably take time to fully theme it.

My Zotero 5.0.97-beta.2+8b1b2ee56
PopOs 20.10, Gnome 3.38.3
  • We'll see what we can do.
  • Confirm the issue on Ubuntu 20.10.

    Also, I find the icons on the PDF reader are too small relative to other UI components. As in the following picture (I'm using a 125% system-wide zoom ratio):


  • Hey!

    Just FYI: I see the same behavior (white bar, icons seem small but normal) here with Manjaro KDE, dark system theme and beta5.

    (Just stumbled upon the beta today: Awesome functionality otherwise! Just when I thought I have to give citavi-web a try, you guys came with this thing around. Awesome!)
  • I also experience this on Arch + i3 with a dark system theme. 5.0.97-beta.18+1eb888d02
  • Same problem Zotero (Gtk version 3.24.29-2 with a dark theme)
  • Same issue (or rather a similar one, I guess - I mostly have issues with the item list headers being white with light grey text over them) on Ubuntu 20.04 (with a dark system-wide theme) using build 5.0.97-beta.55+3b993b2af.
  • For anyone else coming here, there is an open GitHub issue and PR for this https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/1999
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