Lost data in upgrade for a Group Library

Hello, We have a private Group Library, and we seem to have lost all of our data. This may have to do with the recent version update. When I look at documentation and forum entries on this topic I'm only finding advice directing us to look for old zotero.sqlite and back up files on our computers or networks. So far this has gotten us to old back up files (BAK), but would still lose several months of new data. Are there sqlite or back up files stored on the Zotero cloud for group libraries? Thank you for any help with this issue.
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    No, it has nothing to do with a version upgrade.

    Group data is by definition stored online, and the only way for it to be removed is if someone in the group deletes it. That's what happened here: the delete log online shows hundreds of files deleted by someone a few days ago.

    You would need to find some group member's backup of their Zotero data directory from before the 18th, and then they would need to restore from the backup and overwrite the online group library. Anyone in the group using an automated backup tool (such as Time Machine on a Mac) who was actively syncing with Zotero should be able to provide a suitable backup.
  • Thanks so much for your quick response. One thing--shouldn't the files be in the deleted folder?
  • No, the trash was emptied.
  • To try and figure out what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again, is it possible to tell which account deleted the files/emptied the trash?
  • If you email us at support@zotero.org we can look into it.
  • Thank you.
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