Unable to make citation with my MacBook Air 2020m(M1)

I´m still unable to add a citation to my documents, even dough I follow every step recommended by the dev team. Has anyone a solution for this problem ?

Greetings from Germany
  • Can you say more about exactly what you're trying and what's happening, along with a Report ID?
  • If I try to add a citation within a document, a note appears which says:
    Incompatible Word Configuration.
    Due to a bug in macOS, Word must be adjusted to work with Zotero on Apple Silicon Macs.
    I followed every step on the help website but it's still doesn't work. And I can't add a Report ID
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    You’re using an outdated version of Zotero. Upgrade to the current version from the Help menu or redownload from the download page.
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