two accounts

Hi, I have been using two different accounts for two different computers but would like to merge them this year - how do I do this so that I only need one username. Alternatively, can I keep both and switch between them?
  • Do you actually have separate accounts that you're syncing with, or are you just using Zotero on two computers without syncing one or both of them?

    If you haven't synced them both, you can just set up syncing.

    If you have synced both of them, follow these steps:

    1) Sync both computers.

    2) Back up the Zotero data directory on both computers.

    3) On the computer with the smaller library, export the library to Zotero RDF with files.

    4) In the Sync preferences on that computer, unlink the account and then set up syncing again with the other account. It will warn you that it's going to delete local data, which is fine, because you've both synced and backed up the data.

    5) Sync to pull down the data from the other account.

    6) Import the Zotero RDF file to merge the exported data and files into the current library.

    Note that you'll lose links to citations in word processor documents for the imported data, and Date Added values will also be reset.

    After you've done this, you'll want to make sure you have syncing enabled on both computers so that you always have your data on each.
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