tag filter not responding

After I updated to 2.0b7, I cannot search among my tags using the filter any longer. Is it a bug or is there something wrong occurred during the update process?

BTW, would the developer consider allowing people to add multiple tags once rather than add tags one by one? This is useful when you want to copy a group of tags from one item to another.
  • I've also noticed problems with tag filtering in the latest version (2.0b7). Manually selecting a tag from the tag list will generate a filtered list however entries to the tag search box do not work. I think in previous versions tags would be narrowed based on what you typed in the tag search box however this no longer works as well.
  • Same problems: search for tags doesn't respond.
    _Sometimes, it doesn't respond at all.
    _Sometimes, it does respond after a long, long time. But when I put I new word into the filter, Zotero still shows me the result for the previous search
    _Searching for tags with "expanded search" works.

  • This is fixed in 2.0b7.1, available now.
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