[Solved] Just wondering, is Zotero a LMS?

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Just wondering if I can use Zotero as a Library Management Software (LMS) to handle a wide range of multimedia. In case I am better of with a LMS, is there a way to bridge both programmes, so that they use the same database at the same time, or can import them automatically?

Otherwise I have to input and edit the same item in both databases...
  • It depends what you mean by LMS and what functionality you're after. If you want to keep track of your personal library, Zotero works great. Normally an LMS will also keep track of items checked out, holds, etc. and obviously Zotero doesn't do that.

  • Zotero has categories for multiple types of media (~30+). It is worth checking out to see if meets your needs. You'll be able to tell pretty quickly. Pretty straight forward.
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    Thanks for your reactions, sorry for this quit late response.

    Because it seems now that Zotero do indeed fit my needs (for now), I would like to have Zotero moved to another disk, that is for Zotero alone. With the plan to copy all my multi media legally, store them with Zotero, and use them with Kodi. With the results that both my multi media files and documents that are stored with Zotero are on specific drive for Zotero. But I fail to set up Zotero successfully. I have tried it on a fresh install of Mint 20.1 with the newest tarball from Zotero.org and installed it according to your guidelines. Thus I fail to set up Zotero 5.0.96 on a fresh machine.

    When everything is set as default, including all the attachments in ~/Zotero/files, Zotero can find the attachments. But when I set the Data Directory Location manually to /media/profile/Zotero, and move all the attachments to /media/profile/Zotero/files, Zotero can no longer find the attachments.

    And when I set everything back to default, including re-moving/re-locating the attachments to ~Zotero/files, Zotero can find all the attachments.

    Therefore I think that the option of a customized Data Directory Location does not work properly in Zotero 5.0.96.

    But that is indeed another topic: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/88925/how-to-change-the-data-directory-location-the-right-way
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