Entries from DOI and ISBN not working

I keep trying to enter articles or books using DOI or ISBN and it just stays in its 'processing mode' and never adds the article. Any help? Can't work without Zotero and manually adding each article is much slower. Thank you so much!
  • Can you restart Zotero and provide a Debug ID for an attempt that stalls?
  • This is the debug ID: D2020749042
    Just to clarify I tried reinstalling the app, since the add by identifier option seemed to be working on Zotero web. Hope this can be fixed. Thank you so much!
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    Wait, what are you reporting here? Are you having trouble on the website or in Zotero?

    If you're referring to the app, your Debug ID doesn't show an attempt to add an item by identifier. We need a Debug ID that actually shows you trying this, not just for starting up Zotero.
  • Sorry for the confusion. I am referring to Zotero the app. I followed all steps and try to add by identifier, but it stayed in its mode where it's trying to add but doesn't till I click something else. Maybe that is why the debug ID didn't register the attempt. Is there a way I can share a screenshot or screen recording of what is happening?
  • You should try again, following the instructions carefully. Don't use "Restart with Logging Enabled" — this has nothing to do with Zotero startup.

    You can upload screen recordings somewhere (e.g., Dropbox) and provide a link here, but that's not going to help us debug this. We need a Debug ID.
  • I really appreciate your patience on this. Thank you. Does this new debug ID: D982834560 show the problem?

    Thank you once again.
  • Reset your translators from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • I had to due it a few times, but it's working now. Thank you so so so much!
  • Cached 210 translators in 1365 ms
    It looks like you were missing over 300 Zotero translators. I'm not sure how that would've happened, but you should also now go and reset translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences. Saving should work better on many more sites after you do that.
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