My word isn´t able to add my new references

I started working on a document and everything was quite well. Suddenly, i don´t know why, word isn´t putting my references at the end of the document. I can open the window "add/edit citation", find the corret reference on my library, export the citation to the text, but, when i got to end of the text (references) the reference isn´t there. It´s not happening this issue with older references of the same text. I tried to open another document and the same thing happened. What should i do? Thanks for the help
  • Which citation style are you using? Have you tried switching to a different one in "Document Preferences"?

    I'm also not quite sure what you're saying: is the citation not inserting or is the bibliography not updating? If the latter, try just deleting and re-inserting.
  • Thanks. I´m using ABNT all the time. This is what´s surprising me. I´ve not changed. Inspite, i´ve opened another document totally clean and started testing to other citation style. But it haven´t worked also.
    I´ll try to make my self more comprehensible: the text input the citation, as this example:
    Corroborando as análises sociológicas dos marcos regulatórios de políticas de drogas em diversas realidades distintas (ALVAREZ; FRAGA; CAMPOS, 2017; KNIPE, 1995), as decisões sobre o modelo de regulação estão longe de terem suas justificativas pautadas por uma objetividade técnica.

    But, when i look at the references on the final of the document, the references of this citation are not there;

  • Have you inserted the bibliography ("Add bibliography" in the add-on)?
  • Yes. You mean the link in the left superior corner of the screen, correct?
  • OK, then let's step back and start with a new document. Could you give me step-by-step what you're trying?

    1. You open the document
    2. You insert a citation
    3. You click "Add/Edit Bibliography"

    At this point, the reference shows up in the bibliography or not? If it does, what would you do next to trigger the issue?
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