I have a issue

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Cant save from Delpher.com. What to do next?
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    What happens when you try?

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    this happens: file:///var/folders/qz/__lj71fx3slgl5ck20kv2rs40000gn/T/TemporaryItems/(Document%20wordt%20bewaard%20door%20screencaptureui%2066)/Schermafbeelding%202020-11-18%20om%2014.42.15.png

    My Zotero connector works just fine with everything else then Delpher.com. This site used to work perfectly smooth, it is just since recent that every time when i trie to save newspapers form Delpher, is has this issue.
  • The site structure changed completely and metadata has become less accessible. We can look at it, but it's unlikely to be quick (help welcome).
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