Pandoc-Suide for Academic Writing in Markdown (Alfred Workflow)

edited October 22, 2020
So basically, Zotero has proper integrations with Word and Libreoffice via Plugins. Using the BetterBibTex-Extension, Zotero also works with Plain Text and Latex, although it is not very userfriendly for those less tech-savvy people. The best guide to use Zotero with Markdown that I could find (, still entails installing a somewhat unstable applescript-based Citation Picker (Zotpicker) and a great but not very customizable menubar tool (Docdown). So while the tech-savvy LaTeX users and the people content with Word are both served, that leaves people in between like me a bit hanging.

Thus I sat down the last couple of days and wrote an Alfred Workflow, which enables Academic Citations and Bibliography in Markdown. It does so by providing a quick and stable citation picker, and a user-friendly interface for Pandoc for automatically creating a Bibliography like the Word/Libreoffice-Plugins do. After the initial setup, it's basically pressing one keyboard shortcut to create a properly formatted Docx, PDF or HTML file from your markdown writer of your choice. As all Pandoc configuration is done via the Workflow, you will never have to open the Terminal.

→ Demo Image:
→ Usage & Installation Guide:
→ Download at Github:

I initially wrote this workflow just for myself, but I think it could also be helpful to others. Enjoy!

PS: Didn't know where else to "publish" this, so feel free to point me to a more appropriate place!
  • Cool -- posting here is definitely good. I've added this to the plugins page:
  • Feel honored to be included :) Thanks!
  • I thought this looked like just the thing - I am trying to figure out an easy way to get Ulysses to play with Zotero and found some of the tutorials a little intimidating. I've carefully followed the instructions for the Alfred workflow, which were much clearer than the others, but haven't had success in actually exporting it with citations that are formatted correctly. I have saved using Ulysses in markdown (and had to delete the iA writer Applescript which didn't work for me in the Alfred workflow), and it outputs a Word file but the citations are just as they were in the Markdown (ie in Pandoc format). Any hints @chrisgreiser welcome, as I'd love for this to work!
  • @joycekwc
    That sounds like an issue with Pandoc citeproc. Write me an eMail with some screenshots and I'll have a look.
    (My eMail address is at the bottom of – I want to refrain posting it here to prevent spam through crawlers)

    Also, concerning iA Writer, most likely it's a missing permission for Alfred to control iA Writer. Strangely, some people seem to not get a prompt by Mac OS asking for that permission. You can grant the permission manually at the System settings:
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