Saving pdfs to online zotero storage ONLY

I signed up for the unlimited Zotero storage plan in the hope that I could save all my attachments online only and free up the limited space on my PC. Nevertheless, everything I do still seems to want to save the attachments (PDFs) on my PCs basic Zotero file. How can I set things up sp that the PDFs save to my online Zotero storage without saving copies to my PC hard drive?
  • Zotero always saves files locally first, but If all the PDFs have been synced and are available online, you can do a search using your file manager for all PDFs within the Zotero data directory and just delete them, and then set Zotero to download files "as needed" in the Sync pane of the preferences. Zotero will automatically download files as you try to open them.

    Future versions of Zotero will provide options for controlling how much local disk space is used for copies of your files.
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