Add items by identifier not working?

I sent this as a error report and it instructed me to post in the discussion with this reference #: 1778704406. The option to add items to my library by identifier has stopped working today. I've tried this with multiple papers using both PMID and DOI. Anyone else having this issue?
  • PMID is not working for me either. But I can add items using the DOI.
  • Looks like NCBI (Pubmed) is having some issues; this isn't on the Zotero end and, going by past experience, should go back to working shortly
  • FWIW, it looks to be working for me again, but it appears that Pubmed has been shaky over the last days, so might re-occur. If it does, wait 30mins and try again. I've very rarely seen problems lasting much longer.
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