"Bioethics" journal style doesn't include page numbers in footnotes

I've just downloaded the program today for a paper with a ton of references, which are included as numbered footnotes only. However, when I add references the page numbers aren't displayed in the footnote. Nor are book titles italicized or different sources in the same footnote separated with semicolons. I tried clicking Style Editor but Bioethics doesn't appear in the dropdown. How do I make Zotero include these things? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • The style is the same as "Developing World Bioethics" and links to that, so you'd have to to modify that.
    You want this for the journal specifically, or are you just looking for a general footnote style?
  • Yeah, I downloaded the CSL file for Bioethics from the style repostitory because I'm submitting a paper there this week. I'm confused as to why it doesn't seem to match their author guidelines.
  • Mistakes happen when you have 1,500 different styles available. We can take a look, but this week might be tight.
  • No worries, I'm just wondering if there is a guide to making those changes myself as an amateur.
  • There is https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step (and as per above, you'd want to start with the "Developing World Bioethics" style, but footnote styles are fairly complicated to modify for beginners. Happy to help if you feel like you've mostly figured it out but get stuck somewhere.
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