Missing Records

I've got a word document with Zotero references in footnotes, but when I look in the main Zotero interface, I cannot find the record for the footnotes in my word documents to edit them.

Is there a way of restoring these records, short of having to enter them all in again and redoing the footnotes? I'm above the Zotero storage capacity - not sure which records are syncing and which are not...
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    This wouldn't have anything to do with storage capacity. Data syncing is free and unlimited.

    This would only happen if you 1) deleted these items from Zotero or 2) added them on some other computer and haven't fully synced. Assuming it's the latter, you just need to sync all your computers. See Changes Not Syncing.

    If you deleted the items, it's possible to extract them back into Zotero using Reference Extractor, but that's probably not the problem.
  • Thanks dstillman - I'll give the Reference Extractor a go.
  • Again, that's probably not the thing you need to do, it won't solve the problem, and it will create new problem — it would extract the metadata and create new items in Zotero, but you'd have to reinsert every such citation into your Word document for it to be linked to Zotero, and if you then did sync you'd end up with duplicates.

    This is quite likely just a case of not having synced all of your computers.
  • Oh ok - thanks for letting me know!
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