Internet page and citation date in reference list

I'm looking for a citation style that
1) includes all authors, no "et al."
2) does not include: "internet {cited 2020 jan 18} ...."

Currently I'm using Vancouver (brackets, no et al.), but I noticed that some references go like this:
Catassi C, Rätsch IM, Fabiani E, Rossini M, Bordicchia F, Candela F, Coppa GV, Giorgi PL. Coeliac disease in the year 2000: exploring the iceberg. Lancet. 1994 Jan 22;343(8891):200–3

while others go like that:
Lebwohl B, Ludvigsson JF, Green PHR. Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. BMJ [Internet]. 2015 Oct 5 [cited 2020 Aug 17];351. Available from:

I don't want the website page and citation date in the reference list.

Does someone know an alternative citation style?

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