[solved] Empty Folders in Zotero storage

edited 19 days ago
Zotero desktop application has a data directory. There within, the storage directory contains many subdirectories that are empty (500 folders after couple of days).

I did an integrity check for database maintenance and these folder are still empty. Is there any action required by the user to keep number of empty directories under control?

I would expect a slow down for the growth of total number of empty subfolder.
  • I am also curious about this. I deleted some attachments (snapshots, supplementary info, etc.) and now there are empty directories in the storage directory.

    How can one delete those empty directories?
    Are they deleted over time automatically?
  • What OS?

    Did you empty the trash after deleting the attachment?

    Attachment directories are deleted when the attachment is deleted — that is, when the attachments are permanently purged from the trash.

    If the file for an attachment doesn't exist locally, it's perfectly normal for a folder to exist, and depending on your OS and settings it may not actually be empty even if it appears that way to you.
  • The directories are indeed empty since I did a `find . -type d -empty` to confirm.

    I am using Windows 10 but also sync my Zotero folder with my Ubuntu 18.04 computer using a "not recommended" Dropbox share.

    I did empty the trash but I think the cross-platform Dropbox share might be causing the issue.
    If that is not the case I can check anything else to confirm the problem for the development team.
  • We can’t provide any support for a data directory in Dropbox, sorry.
  • I am using Linux Ubuntu and made sure Trash was emptied for each group.

    Reviewing my storage directory today i can see that they contain hidden files and i mistook them for being empty.

    So, there are indeed **no empty folders** in my case.
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