Are my PDFs saved for sure

I use a Virtual Campus, which I will soon no longer have access to. I have saved various PDFs down to Zotero, but will I be able to view these once my access to the Virtual Campus is revoked?
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    It's not clear what you mean by "Virtual Campus" — that's not some sort of general term that we'd understand.

    Anything you save to Zotero on your computer is saved on your computer in the Zotero data directory. You can optionally use Zotero syncing to sync data and files with the online Zotero library.
  • The Virtual Campus is a university website that you have access to via a log in and password. My access will finish shortly. The links to all the PDFs are www.virtualcampus.xxxx (and so on.) I have just saved a load of the texts down to Zotero, but will I be able to access them once my access is revoked.
    I hope this is clearer and thanks for trying to help
  • If you save a PDF to Zotero it's saved on your computer. You can right-click on it and choose Show File to see the file.
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