Issue with Google Chrome Plug in

Whenever I attempt to export to Zotero from Amazon or a library database I get an error message. This is not just true for me, but also for another library patron. It is also true when I try from home. Zotero is open and I get this message: Thoughts?
The Zotero Connector was unable to communicate with the Zotero desktop application. The Connector can save some pages directly to your account, but for best results you should make sure Zotero is open before attempting to save.

You can download Zotero or troubleshoot the connection if necessary.
  • Run through this page:
    starting with ensuring that Zotero (the desktop app) is actually open when you try.
  • Adam,
    So, I figured out it was because I had site access to "On Click." When I switched it to all sites it worked fine. However, I switched it to "On Click" because Zotero was interfering with our new Library system we launched during the summer. That appears to be resolved now and having zotero access all sites appears to be working now. So this may have fixed the problem.
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