Unable to copy items between libraries


I'm doing a search in Library A and then select all and drag into Library B. However, the items are not copied. (Library B is empty.)


Many thanks!
  • Are there items in the trash in the target library?

    You might get this if 1) there's an item in the target library (trash or otherwise) linked to one of the dragged items and 2) you haven't yet loaded the target library since starting Zotero.
  • @bjohas: This should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta.

    (It could happen if the item was previously dragged from another library that hadn't been loaded, even if the target library was empty.)
  • Actually, not completely fixed. Still working on it.
  • OK, latest beta will hopefully do the trick.
  • Thank you so much!!! @dstillman !

    I'm on Ubuntu... how do I switch to the beta branch?
  • The beta tarball is linked from the page above.
  • Thank you!!
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