Create bibliography error

I looked over the documentation and forums and have not seen this issue. When I try to create a bibliography - whether it is from a single source, several sources, or an entire collection, and no matter which reference style or file type - it does not work. I get this error:
"An error occurred generating your bibliography. Please try again."

Needless to say, trying again does not work. I'm running the version 1.0.0b2.r1 of zotero in Firefox v2.0.

This small problem aside, I have to say, I love this little program. Thank you for taking the time to develop it!
  • Please try updating to the new version released last night. Go to Tools->Add-ons and click Find Updates, and it should give you the option to upgrade.
  • Hmm.. it doesn't, it says there are no upgrades available. FWIW, I downloaded this version earlier today.
  • And BTW, thanks for the very fast answer! :)
  • OK, well, I manually updated it through your website, and it works fine now. Again, much, much thanks.
  • Spoke too soon. It creates the bibliography, but no matter what the page (or clipboard) is blank.
  • (Ah, was your install by any chance from Unfortunately extensions there need to be approved by site admins and therefore will tend to run a few days behind the version we have on our site. Once you install the version from our home page, though, you're on our own upgrade track and will see releases as soon as we release them.)

    For the bibliography problem, does it come up blank even with, say, a book item type? The biblio system doesn't currently support some of the more esoteric item types.
  • Oh OK - I completely forgot about that, I'll update through the site from now on.

    And you're right, books work. I can't get website references to load. That's fine though, at least I know it generally works. Thanks agan.
  • I feel very foolish asking this question, but I have read through the discussion forum, watched YouTube videos and asked colleagues. I'm trying to create a bibliography. I select the items in a collection. Then I control-click. I do not get the option "Create bibliography from selected item(s)". Running version 4.0.11.

    Aside from the fact that the answer should be obvious to me, I was able to perform this operation in the past, perhaps before the upgrade?

    Thanks to anyone with the patience to help me with what is probably a simple question.
  • Please start a new thread. You pretty much never want to post to a thread that hasn't seen activity in more than 5 years.
  • I don't respond well to chiding, Adam. Will get my response elsewhere or simply abandon Zotero
  • I wasn't chiding, I was politely telling you how to effectively get help here.
  • hjsiskin, Zotero has changed quite a bit over the years, so very old discussions are often no longer relevant. To keep the forums searchable, it is indeed best if, as @adamsmith remarked, you created a new thread for your specific problem.
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