what style for a laboratory bibliography

I'm wondering what style to start with to make the bibliography of a chemistry lab for its evaluation reports.
We need a style for:
- Articles in scientific journals
- book chapter
- book
- guest lecture at a congress
- oral communication in a congress
- poster in a congress
- university seminar
To my knowledge there is no ACS style for lectures and posters at conferences and seminars in universities.
I was wondering what style to go with to modify it for our convenience.
thank you very much
  • Use “Presentation” for all of those types of lectures/posters/seminars.
  • Thank you very much for your answer, I have no problem entering these items into the lab's database. My problem is to find a csl style to print lists of publications, books, conferences, posters and seminars in universities.
    So I need a csl style that offers a correct printing of these different lists. I am able with the CSL visual editor to slightly modify a style but not to create from scratch a style to output a list of posters or seminars in universities. I don't think the American chemical society style has a format for e.g. university seminars.
  • Lots of options -- I think Vancouver is always a good choice: covers lots of item types, has a good, freely available style guide, and is widely used in the biosciences (though not so much in chemistry, of course)
  • Many thanks. I think I'll be able to modify the Vancouver style to have the output formats we want by using the CSL Visual Editor.
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