iOS Zotero Bookmarklet Not Working

Anyone else have experience with troubleshooting the Bookmarklet trick to importing articles from an iOS browser (ie safari)? Followed every tutorial I can find, but when I select the recoded bookmark, I see the grey box in the upper righ-hand corner albeit with an error message. It gives me the option to login (despite already being logged in in another browser window), and even when I login successfully I’m told there’s been an error. Tried recreating the bookmark/closing app multiple times to no effect. Appreciate any/all pointers!
  • We've explained this elsewhere — Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari tends to break the bookmarklet, at least if you don't regularly browse at other times.

    You can add ungated URLs from iOS using the save page or Add Item by Identifier in the web library.

    An iOS app that will allow saving is under development.
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