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I'd like to report an error in a stylesheet where is the best place to do that?

The Stylesheet is: the Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics

The error is: that when a Journal Article appears in a journal issue which specifies the editor, when that editor is plural, the editor indicator is only singular instead of plural '(Eds.)' see #9 here:

Also see the example below:

McGill, Stuart & Roger Blench. 2012. Documentation, development, and ideology in the northwestern Kainji languages. (Ed.) Stuart McGill & Peter K Austin. Language Documentation and Description 11. SOAS 11. 90–135.

who should I report this to?

Additionally, I am trying to add a location and publisher in via the Extra field in Zotero, but only the publisher is being picked up. Is there documentation on which fields and how to serialize them work in the Extra field?

  • Reporting here is fine. How should the citation look?
    (Eds.) Stuart McGill & Peter K Austin.
    also looks kind of weird to me.
  • Yes. it is an odd publication. The style sheet says to cite it as a journal because it has an ISSN. However, it is an annual periodical without a title on each publication, only a series title and volume number, so citing the sub-unit as a book portion is problematic. (Eds.) seems to be the correct thing as the stylesheet lays out. If the book section format is used then one gets the 'In Stuart McGill & Peter K Austin (eds.)' format, which is more normal, but because there is no book title, which would then follow the (eds.) and predeed the page numbers, it also looks weird.

    McGill, Stuart & Roger Blench. 2012. Documentation, development, and ideology in the northwestern Kainji languages. In Stuart McGill & Peter K Austin (eds.), 90–135. London, England: SOAS.

    The resource's suggested citation includes a publisher and a location (for good reason — the editor's don't consider it a journal). So I was trying to use the extra field to include those, but was also having a challenge there.
  • I still don't think (Eds.) in front of the editors makes sense for the style -- which exact example in the stylesheet are you basing that on? 9. just contains general considerations on labelling editors.
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    I wasn't basing my example on anything but what was in the csl document already. There isn't a plethora of examples in the linked style guide (which is all there is). To get the example I included here, I simply added an 'editor' to a Zotero Journal article type. And that is where the .csl file puts it... I wasn't arguing with where they put it... makes little difference to me, only that in the case of more than one editor it should be (Eds.).
  • adamsmith,

    To further investigate your intuition about the location of (Ed.) in the stylesheet, I opened up JabRef and looked at how they implemented the stylesheet in BibTeX. Here is what they have:

    Smith, Bill, Bob Jones & Jeff Williams. 2016. Title of the test entry. (Ed.) Phil Taylor. BibTeX Journal (BibTeX Journal). Trondheim: JabRef Publishing 34(3). 45–67. doi:10.1001/bla.blubb.
  • Are you sure they're not just using our style? JabRef is able to use CSL styles now and this looks suspiciously similar for something that isn't defined in the styleguide.
  • Good call on that usage of CSL... indeed they are using a CSL file.
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