Quick Format Citation dialog has white square in dark theme

This one's pretty nitpicky, but in the Quick Format Citation dialog there's an off-centre white square around the Zotero icon, which doesn't look great with a dark window theme. I'm guessing fixing this will just be a case of changing the background of the icon from white to transparent.

Screenshot here: https://snipboard.io/GLQUIP.jpg

This is Zotero 5.0.88 on Ubuntu 20.04, using the preinstalled Yaru-dark window theme.

  • Zotero does not currently formally support any dark theme.
  • I appreciate that, but it does look like Zotero's actually pretty close to supporting window themes, with a few minor adjustments. I realise this isn't (and shouldn't be) a top priority - just thought I'd point it out in case there was a quick fix.
  • I've added an issue for this. (It's true that we don't officially support dark themes, but as you say, this might be an easy fix.)
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