EndNote XML export: and are wrongly represented

edited 12 days ago
The <issn> property is mapped to <isbn> and the <secondary-title> is exporting the journal title, which is rightly represented in <periodical/full-title>. for the first issue, the EndNote DTD does not include the issn property, but still the issn tag can be created since the exported XML does not declare the DTD.
Hope this can be fixed.
  • You'd need to clean this post up by wrapping XML taks in HTML <code> or by escaping the pointy brackets. I can't follow with the missing info.
  • (I've added code tags to the original post.)
  • I'm pretty sure I based this on Endnote's own XML export, (but might be misremembering or they may have updated).
    What are you going by?
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