Help Transferring Zotero Storage Folder from Old Computer to New Computer

I got a new computer and am having trouble transfering my old files into my new computer for Zotero to recognize. I moved the old Zotero storage folder into the new computer Zotero storage folder but Zotero is not recognizing those files. In other words, I have a lot of empty circles where the file attachment should be. Can someone help me with this?
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    I moved the old Zotero storage folder
    If you actually mean 'storage', that's incorrect. You need to copy the entire Zotero data directory. Assuming you still have everything on the old computer, you should delete what you have on the new computer and try again from scratch following these instructions:
  • The problem is that I already started adding to Zotero on my new computer. So, I have files saved on my new computer (since September 2019). And I have my files on my old computer (about 4 years of files). So I don't want to delete anything, which is why I am to need to merge the two. I think I need to sync the files, but I don't understand how to do that. Thank you
  • Yes, then you just need to set up syncing. I linked to instructions.
  • I still can't seem to figure it out. I've been on the call with IT help for 3 hours. I have moved all the old files from my old computer onto my new computer. I want to merge or add them to the correct place. I can find the new directory on my new computer which has all the new files since September. Can I copy and paste the old directory/folder with all the old folders into the new directory?
  • The linked page lists two different methods: "Option A: Copy the data directory" and "Option B: Enable Zotero Sync".

    If you want to merge data, you need to use Option B, which has nothing to do with copying files manually. Just sync both computers and you'll be done.
  • @AnneDalyLesch: If you're saying you've already synced, see the same items in both places, but are just missing attached files on the new computer, then file syncing isn't working on one of your two computers. See Files Not Syncing to debug that. But that still wouldn't involve copying files manually.
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