WebDAV option missing in sync preference pane?

I'm looking at the instructions for using WebDAV here:

The figure shows a menu item permitting selection of the WebDAV option, dialogue boxes for server address and login information.

I just downloaded and installed the latest version (5.0.88) of Zotero, and the Sync Preferences pane doesn't show a menu item.

I'm guessing that one of the storage related Advanced Config items need to be toggled or set to something different, but I've been unable to find relevant documentation.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

  • Have you set up data syncing by signing in with Zotero first? Options for _file_ syncing will appear after signing into Zotero (your item data [titles, authors, notes, etc.] always sync for free with Zotero; only attachment files need additional space).
  • Yes, now I see. Thank you VERY much for the quick response.
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