macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility

Zotero is not yet compatible with macOS Big Sur, which is currently available as a developer beta. We expect to support Big Sur by the time it launches in the fall, but you should not install a Big Sur beta in the meantime if you rely on Zotero.

We'll post here with any updates.
  • A new Zotero beta is now available that fixes most known compatibility problems with Big Sur, including broken Word integration, empty user-interface components (context menus, popups, and tab labels), and degraded graphics performance. There are still some additional issues we're aware of.

    We still strongly recommend against upgrading to the Big Sur beta — either to the current developer betas or the upcoming public betas — on a production machine, but if you've already upgraded, you can run the Zotero beta to restore most functionality.
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    Zotero 5.0.90 for Mac is available now with the above-mentioned fixes for Big Sur. As noted above, there are still some cosmetic issues, and we (and Apple) still recommend against installing the Big Sur beta on a production machine.
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    I'm beta-testing macOS Big Sur and just installed the latest Zotero update. I notice the cosmetic fixes (empty user-interface components, etc) but I have noticed a new issue. When connected to an external monitor, the Zotero window does not resize correctly when moving it from the built-in MacBook display to the external display and vice versa. The Zotero window appears properly for the display it is first launched in, whichever it is.

    Running macOS Big Sur public beta 5 on MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019, Zotero 5.0.90. Monitor: Fujitsu model VL-E22-8T with 1920x1080 resolution connect via one usb-c to DisplayPort cable.
  • No issues so far in public beta 6 for me.
  • I am using the latest beta update on Big Sur and experience the same issues that garrekds mentions about external monitors. Also, I've noticed when I click the green fullscreen button in Zotero while it is on any monitor, the application becomes unresponsive and/or crashes.
  • We have a fix for the broken full-screen button coming soon.

    I'll see if I can reproduce the external-monitor issue.
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