Zotero Chrome Browser extenson

I have the latest version of zotero. I have sufficient knowledge of computers however I am not able to get the one click Zotero save feature to save any of the websites or PDFs I attempt.

What am I doing wrong?
  • Been there, done that.

  • The last step asks for specific information, please provide that (but given that you missed this on your first run, might be worthwhile to more carefully go through the other steps again, too).
  • The specific information: clicked on the zotero link when I right clicked the Save to Zotero. Did not happen.

    So my first post: Not able to get the one click to save to Zotero is absolutely accurate.

    Now what.

  • The problem isn't that it's not accurate but that it's insufficient for troubleshooting.
    If you had actually worked through the entire list on that page you would have eventually gotten to step 14:
    If none of these solutions solve your problem, we'll need additional information to further debug your issue. Please create a new thread in the Zotero Forums — or use your existing thread if you've already created one — and provide the following:

    The exact URL of a page that isn't working (even if none are)
    A Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt or, if you're only getting a webpage icon, for loading the page.
    What it says in the popup when you try to save (e.g., “Saving to My Library” or “Saving to zotero.org”)
    The name of the translator from step 10, if applicable
    You provide none of that information and we can't help without it.

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