Exporting metadata of linked files w/o Parent Item


Apart from using Zotero for obvious reference management I'm trying to use it as a sort of a wrapper for my notes (mostly in markdown). I'm following Zettekasten methodology so I have a bunch of notes added as linked files that are related to one another (and other materials like books and articles I store in my library) and tagged, additionally they are placed in different collections.

Now, let's say I have a single note entitled "Probability.md" placed in some (nested) collection with some relations and tags (screenshot https://ibb.co/25XvwL6).
I wonder if I can export the corresponding metadata as a say .csv file with columns being Name, Tags, Related, Collection etc. ?

My notes have no Parent Item so when I try to export them to .csv the traditional way I get an empty file.
An imperfect workaround I found is to generate a report for all notes and save it as .txt, later I believe it would be possible to create a .csv out of that with a little help of Python. As far as I know, however, neither reports nor exports include collections sadly.
Is there an extension, an advanced configuration or an other way I don't know of that would enable exporting raw linked files from Zotero the way I described it?

The reason I want it in .csv is because I'm planning to do a graph-like visualisation later on with nodes (notes) clustered according to the collection they are in and linked according to the relations between them.

Thank you in advance. Every hint is welcomed.
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