Formatting L1 for RIS file

edited June 17, 2020

I am trying to import an RIS file with linked PDFs to my Zotero library.

The RIS file has the following formatting:
L1 - file://C:/Users/username/Downloads/AuthorYear.pdf

I am able to import the RIS and attached PDF files in EndNote. However, in Zotero, the files do not load and there is no error message. This appears to be a result of stricter formatting requirements in Zotero. How should the L1 tag be formatted to import an RIS file along with linked PDFs? Or, is there a setting I may need to change?

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  • I finally figured this out, so am posting the solution for in case anyone has the same problem.

    The issue came up when the RIS file had multiple PDFs for the same reference. I reformatted L1 into two separate lines and removed semicolons, and then it worked, except that some links between PDFs and references were lost when the main paper was not the first link listed. My PDF documents were in the same directory as the RIS file.

    Original RIS (exported from DistillerSR, works in EndNote):
    L1 - file://C:/Users/username/Downloads/AuthorYear1.pdf;file://C:/Users/username/Downloads/AuthorYear2.pdf;

    Revised RIS (works in Zotero import):
    L1 - AuthorYear1.pdf
    L1 - AuthorYear2.pdf

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