Zotero no se sincroniza

Desde hace un par de días, no puedo sincronizar la cuenta, dice que una nota es demasiado extensa, pero tengo una cuenta de 2 GB

ID de informe: 237355678

  • That message doesn't have anything to do with file storage. It's about the length of a note in your library, possibly due to trying to embed an image in the note, which isn't currently supported.

    View the note in question and fix whatever the problem is and you'll be able to sync.
  • Gracias!

    Aunque pensé que resolviendo eso, se iba a sincronizar con safari, pero no puedo descargar los documentos directamente a Zotero y antes podía. Tengo la cuenta sincronizada con safari.

    Qué tengo que hacer?
  • I'm not really sure what you're asking at this point. Your original question was about Zotero syncing, and specifically an error about a note that was too long. That doesn't have anything to do with saving from Safari.
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