Change APA 6th report

Hi, I´m a noobie in this, but I hope someone can help me quick.

I have a report from The National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway (STAMI). The APA 6th (style I´m using) says that this kind of report should by cited Author (in short),year in text, ex (STAMI,2018).

In the bibliography I´m supposed to write it this way:

Title (date). Short-title, Place: Publisher.

Like this:
Faktabok om arbeidsmiljø og helse (2018). STAMI-rapport, årgang 19, nr. 3,
Oslo: Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt.

I´ve tried different item type, and I´m not familiar
  • No, that’s not correct APA 6.

    The correct formatting for a report in APA 6 where the author and publisher are the same would have been:

    First citation:
    (Full Organization Name [Abbreviation], 2000)

    Subsequent citations:
    (Abbreviation, 2000)

    Full Organization Name [Abbreviation]. (2000). Title. Place: Author.

    (Here “Author” is literally the word “Author”.)

    Zotero can’t do the automatic abbreviation.

    But you can either:
    (1) enter “Author” in the publisher field and Full Organization Name [Abbreviation] in the author field. When you are done writing, manually delete the full organization name from subsequent citations.

    (2) Enter the abbreviation in the author field and the full organization name in the publisher field. This will create a readable and more useful citation and reference. This is what I used when writing in APA 6, and it was acceptable to APA journals.
  • Thanks for your reply. The first page of the report says how you can write it in the bibliography, but I found out that it have to be in a different style. APA 6th is correct like you told.

    Thank for your help!
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