Unable to retrieve content from Microsoft Word

Good Morning All, I am brand new to Zotero and am having difficulty retrieving citation contents. Zotero is installed along with the Chrome connector and Microsoft Word plugin. The Zotero icon displays in the Microsoft Word ribbon and clicking on it shows the Add/Edit Citation button. Clicking on the Add/Edit Citation button displays a red oblong oval. The issue is when I am in a Word document with the cursor positioned to where I want the note to appear footnote numbers are placed in the sentence where the cursor is positioned and in the note section merely has the word citation. However no content list appears. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
Error Report#: 1401185436
Installed Components
Lenovo laptop Intel I7 chip
Microsoft Windows Pro 10 – 10.0.18363 Build 18363
Microsoft Word 2019 - MSO (16.0.10357.2008) 64 bit
Chrome 5 (81.0.4044.113) 64 bit (is set as the default browser
Zotero for Word – 5.0.14. SA.5.0.85
  • "{Citation}" is just a placeholder while the red bar is open. Once you actually search for an item, select it, and press Enter, the citation will be inserted into your document.
  • Thank you for your reply. I neglected to say, my apologies, that I typed in an author's name with no results other than the note number and placeholder. Thanks again for the reply.
  • Did you press Enter to close the dialog? It really just sounds like you still have the citation dialog open behind Word.
  • Yes, I did. I even typed a name that would be very recognizable, Churchill.
  • I also reinstalled the Zotero application after trying to resolve the issue on my own using directions from the Zotero site.
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    I think this is a misunderstanding. Is what you're saying just that you're not actually seeing results from your library when you search in the red bar? Because that has nothing to do with the citation number and the placeholder in the document, which would appear while the dialog is open but have nothing to do with the search results that show up in the dialog.

    Do you actually see your data in the Zotero program on your computer? That's what the citation bar shows results from. It sounds like you're expecting to be able to add new items to your library from the Word plugin, but that's not how Zotero works. See Adding Items to Zotero.
  • I do not have a dropbox account or a cloud account and am not much computer literate..

  • See my edited comment above.
  • To answer your question nothing appears in the citation bar.
  • Okay, thank you. I will read your edited comment and work from there. Thank you.
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