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I would like to define a different location for the "storage"-Folder. I know about the "Data Directory Location", but this affects also the location of the Zotero-database.

I tried also the "linked attachment base directory", but it seams to have no effect.

Data Directory (except storage): C:\User\Zotero
Storage Directory: C:\a\different\folder

Any ideas?

I'm using Zotero 5.0.85 on Windows 10.

Thank you
  • You can't. The storage folder is meant to stay within the data directory, since the state is tied to the database. Technically you can symlink it elsewhere, but how/whether you can do that varies by OS and isn't something we support.

    (The Linked Attachment Base Directory affects how paths are stored in the database for linked files and has nothing to do with stored files. I'd strongly suggest not changing advanced settings if you don't know what they do.)
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    Thank you for the explanation.

    What is working/not working
    - Setup a zotero group and sync the references my colleges = working
    - We are not allowed to upload the attachments to an external server => disable file sync => working/done
    - I have to share the attachments on internal network drive, share point, etc. = not working

    How can I achieve the last step.

    Thank you and kind regards.
  • Sorry, that's not possible. The 'storage' directory isn't meant to be used that way. Along with being tied to the local database state, there's no separation by library, so it includes files in the user's personal library as well as all subscribed groups.

    Other possibilities:

    - You can technically set up a single account with a personal library and use WebDAV file syncing to a local server, but we don't recommend that, since it doesn't allow multiple libraries, requires sharing a single set of credentials, doesn't offer any of the group management features, etc.

    - Linked files in groups are planned but not currently supported.

    - If the files are HTTP-accessible, you could technically attach web links to them, but that'd be a pain to manage, and it doesn't really allow for things like PDF annotation.

    - It's theoretically possible to run a private instance of the Zotero server infrastructure, which would also keep library data private, but it would be quite technically challenging and isn't something we currently provide any support for. We're working on making that easier and may offer paid support for that, though. If that's something your organization might be interested in, email to discuss.
  • Ok, thank you for the clarification. I will check which of the mentioned options suits bests our needs.

    Thank you and kind regards.
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