Can Install, But Doesn't Do Anything

I've installed and uninstalled both Zotero and Firefox 2 a few times today and am having the same problem: Zotero installs, adds its stuff to the "Tools" menu (and to the right-click menu), and I can get to the Zotero window, but that is it. No Zotero logo in my status bar, no icons in the location bar if I do searches (I tried JSTOR and Google Scholar), none of the buttons in the Zotero window do anything. My OS is Windows XP.
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    Sounds like a startup error -- could you follow the steps in the Advanced Instructions section in and let us know any errors that it's displaying (either here or via Thanks.
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    I can't claim to know why you're having problems, but you might want to try creating a new Firefox profile ( to see if that helps.

    Edit: Never mind, somebody who knows what they're talking about beat me to the punch...
  • Rather than creating a new profile, I went into the Documents and Settings folder and deleted the Mozilla folder (after saving copies of bookmarks) and did a totally fresh re-install. Now everything works. I did notice in the Docs and Settings folder a Zotero folder (a remnant of trying it on FF 2 RC 2) and wonder if that folder's presence might have confounded things. Perhaps also incompatibility with some extension (I had CoLT, FireFTP, ForecastFox, Check Links, and an Endnote extension)? I should have checked the Error Console before my more radical steps. Sorry :(
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