cite tab of zotero standalone doesn't have any word processors that I can add

After getting my computer reset when it was repaired by the apple store, I'm trying to get zotero and word to communicate. I have looked through every forum and followed all the instructions, but in the standalone zotero app, when I go to settings --> cite --> word processors, the only option I can click is "use classic add citation dialog" & there is no option for me to ensure that the word plug in is installed like all of the forums have told me to. When I open word and try to use zotero, it tells me they aren't connected. I've spent an hour trying to fix this and redownloaded zotero and word multiple times -- both are the latest versions.
  • Can you install the Zotero beta and see if that makes those options appear in the Word Processors tab?
  • Yes that fixed it after an hour of trying to read all the different help forums -- please update those so that others dont have to deal with this
  • Sorry for the trouble, but it doesn't have anything to do with documentation — there've just been a few reports of this in the latest version, and we've been testing a fix in the beta. We'll release that as Zotero 5.0.83 in the next day or two. You can switch back to the production version once 5.0.83 is out.

    You should always feel free to just post here rather than spending a lot of time trying to debug something yourself.
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    @ebernstein801: Zotero 5.0.83 is available now with this fix, so you can switch back to that version instead of the beta if you want.
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